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Tour des Canadiens

Situated in the heart of Montreal and surrounding the Bell Centre (home of the Montreal Canadiens), Quad Windsor is a $2-billion mixed used community that is a city within a city.

L'Avenue, Montreal

L’Avenue is a mixed-use, high-rise building located in the heart of downtown Montreal.

Audubon Club, Louisville, KY

Abrams selected AGC Glass’ LUXCLEAR® Protect for the new shower doors - a glass product designed for any application where exposure to water, heat or high humidity is a concern. Uniquely durable in nature, the coating is seamlessly fused to the glass, making LUXCLEAR Protect able to withstand hard water, staining, and etching. The glass is easy to drill, edge, and temper in a manner similar to float glass, which is also why it was ideal for the club’s needs. The shower doors would need to be made from patterned glass sheets for privacy purposes.

Thompson Hotel

The luxury Thompson Hotel in Nashville, TN, designed by the local firm, Hastings Architecture, presents a unique profile. The curved skyscraper features 60,000 square feet of high-performing solar control low-emissivity glass, ENERGY Select® 28 and ENERGY Select 40. Each of these products provides exceptional solar blocking performance – important in cities like Nashville where air conditioning costs are a primary concern.

The Top 5 Factors to Consider for Daylighting
Residential, Commercial, Acid-Etched

A crucial component of building design today, daylighting offers invaluable aesthetic and functional benefits. But if done incorrectly, daylighting can negatively impact a space. Five key factors to consider when bringing natural light into a building.

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Opaque Glass for Interior and Exterior Applications
Residential, Commercial, Back-Painted

Many consider opaque glass to be more artistic in nature than clear glass. It allows designers to achieve a wide variety of
beautiful and compelling effects. For interior applications, it offers endless possibilities with color, texture, and form, as an
accent, or a large-scale focal point of a space. For exterior applications, it can be tempered, making it resilient and suitable
to withstand the elements, all while exuding a delicate, high-end look.
Opaque glass, often referred to as back-painted glass, can be manufactured using a wide variety of methods:

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Commercial applications of light grey tinted glass

Glass coatings and colors can be applied primarily for aesthetic purposes, but their performance benefits are an added –and sometimes necessary – bonus. Tinted glass satisfies both of these considerations, enhancing the appearance of a building façade while improving its solar performance.

All About Anti-Corrosion Glass
Residential, Commercial, decorative, design, General, Coating

As glass is made from sand, it contains sodium in large quantities. When water enters in contact with sodium, it progressively damages the surface of the glass, giving it a whitish aspect that cannot be cleaned away. This is corrosion.

Residential: Cleaning and Care of Glass
Residential, General, clean, care

Glass is an attractive, durable material, but it too requires care to maintain its shine, transparency, and aesthetic qualities. Many people are unsure about the best ways to clean and protect it, yet in most cases, simple care is all that is required.

Residential: Improving U-Factor Benefits of Fourth Surface Low-E
Residential, General, coated, U-Factor, Low-E

U-Factor measures the rate of heat gain or heat loss due to a difference in temperature between the indoor and outdoor environments of a home. The U-Factor of a window is greatly influenced by the emissivity of the glass. The emissivity of a material is the relative power of its surface to emit heat by radiation.

Residential: How to Select the Correct Low-E Coating
Residential, Low-E, Coating

Low-E coatings are an important consideration when it comes to selecting the right kind of glass for your home. They determine most of a window’s performance characteristics, which are measured primarily through U-Factors and Solar Heat Gain Coefficients (SHGC). Depending on the coatings selected, and the part of the country in which the residence is situated, they are instrumental in keeping heating or cooling costs down.

About AGC
Residential, Commercial, General

The AGC Group is the world’s largest glass manufacturer, offering the widest range of glass products for commercial, residential and industrial applications. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, The AGC Group leverages its industry-leading resources to develop innovative new products and to continue providing world-class service.

What is Low-Iron Glass?
Residential, Commercial, decorative, design

Ultra low-iron glass is created by reducing the amount of iron added to the molten mixture of materials required to make float glass. Less iron in the blend results in a clearer product with a high visible light transmission. Also, the traditional greenish tint exhibited by standard processed glass is diminished.

Comparing Types of “Frosted” Glass
Residential, Commercial, General, design

Glass that has translucent or semi-opaque properties is often referred to as “frosted” glass. There are two primary ways to achieve this effect: Acid-etching & Sandblasting.

Glass Conventions and Configurations of Glass (IGUs)
Residential, Commercial, General

An insulated glass unit, or IGU, is comprised of two or more panes of flat glass – or glass “lites” - separated by a spacer material and sealed at the edges. Commonly, the end result is also known as double- or triple-glazing.

Processed Products
Residential, Commercial, General, design

A popular glass solution, created by applying one or more coatings of inorganic materials which ultimately alter the physical properties of the glass, including its solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC), emissivity, color, light transmission, and reflection. Coated glass products can be produced through two processes: Sputter or “soft” glass coatings and Acid etched glass.

All About Glass: Intro to Glass
Residential, Commercial, General, design

Flat glass is a general term that encompasses float glass, sheet glass, plate glass, and rolled glass.