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At AGC, quality and the widest selection of glass products are the given. But it’s our total commitment to our customers that truly separates us from every other glass company.

You, our customer, are our lifeblood – the reason we’re in business. Sure, we make the glass. But it’s you – talented and skilled architects, designers, engineers, glass fabricators, glass contractors, and manufacturers – who put our glass to work to make our world a better, more beautiful and functional place in which to work and live.

Whether you’re new to AGC or a longtime customer, AGC endeavors to earn your business every day.

For AGC, this means always helping to save you time and needless hassle, and always making it easier to do your job well. It means tailoring our products and services to match your needs, never the other way around. It means responding to you promptly, accurately, and to the absolute best of our abilities. It means investing in new technology and infrastructure to continuously improve our products and to make them more accessible to you.

This is why, today, AGC North America boasts the fastest lead times, why we enjoy a reputation as being the most flexible and easiest with which to do business, and why our executive leadership is fully empowered and accessible to every customer, any time, to help ensure your ultimate success.

Experience AGC today and experience first-hand the benefits of working with the glass company that puts you – our greatly appreciated customer – front and center every day.

We’re ready to earn your spec.

You have many options when it comes to selecting a glass manufacturer. This is why we always go above and beyond serving your needs to the best of our ability – so you can perform your job to the best of yours.

It’s why we provide you with helpful tools like our new online Architectural Glass Visualizer tool. It’s why our architectural reps are the industry’s best trained, most experienced and knowledgeable. It’s why we offer free project consultation at the earliest phases of your project. It’s why we’re committed to providing more glass products so you get more options - in performance, aesthetics, and cost. And it’s why we align ourselves with only the highest quality glass fabricators worldwide – to ensure that the AGC glass you specify will look beautiful and perform precisely as expected for the life of your project.

Explore our glass today. We look forward to earning your specification for your next project, please contact your AGC representative today.

The widest glass palette for making your interior vision come to life.

Glass walls and partitions. Glass clad surfaces. Glass railing infill. Ultra-clear glass. Painted glass. Textured glass. Acid-etched glass. Reflective glass. Mirror glass. Tinted glass. Heavy glass. No glass company offers more types of glass for designers to create truly inspired spaces than AGC.

Explore AGC interior glass today. We look forward to assisting you with your next project, please contact your AGC representative today.

Partner with AGC today and gain a dedicated ally in business.

We take tremendous pride in our glass fabrication company partners because it’s your skill and uncompromising commitment to quality that transforms our glass look and perform its best. As firm believers that success breeds success, we know that when our glass and your skills combine to produce optimal aesthetics, comfort, longevity, and performance, satisfied architects, owners, and contractors are apt to place their trust in us again, and again.

For more information about the many benefits of partnering with AGC, please contact your AGC representative today.

Fast and fully flexible services, custom-tailored to meet your glass and fabrication needs.

AGC North America owns and operates residential window and door glass fabrication facilities to serve the unique needs of today’s window and door manufacturers. Unlike, other glass manufacturers, we’ve tailored both our products and services to help your company operate more efficiently and profitably. Whether you enlist AGC for custom-sized or tempered glass, to supply all your finished IGUs (insulated glass units), or to merely supplement your production, we’re here to lend a hand. Plus, AGC is the only single-source supplier of U4-4th surface technology – a revolution in dual-pane IGUs that provides the energy performance of more costly triple-pane alternatives.

For more information about the AGC Residential Glass Fabrication services, please contact your AGC representative today.

Let AGC help you meet your business needs.

We want to be your go-to supplier of quality glass. Why should you take a closer look at AGC?We’ve partnered with and earned the trust of the world’s best fabricators based on our solid reputation for being the most flexible and easiest with which to do business. AGC’s innovation has lead to the broadest product range and our operational excellence allows our distribution centers to have the product specified where and when you need it.

And our corporate leadership is the most accessible in the industry. They are empowered and ready to respond to your business needs or concerns at any time to help you succeed and to ensure we remain your preferred supplier for years to come.

To learn more about why AGC should be your #1 supplier of glass, please contact your AGC representative today.

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Have a product requiring glass? Look no further than AGC.

Easy or complex, AGC can help you to integrate our glass into your product beautifully, regardless of your market sector or scope of product. AGC is a leader in the Automotive, Appliance, Electronic and Display Glass Markets because of our detail to meet your applications exacting specifications and AGC’s distribution channels ensure access to our worldwide products and technologies. 

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