Tour des Canadiens

Tour des Canadiens

AGC’s Game-Changing Solution for Tour des Canadiens

Tour des Canadiens
Tour des Canadiens
Tour des Canadiens
Glass Application: Commercial
Architect: IBI GroupBéique Legault Thuot Architectes (BLTA)
Fabricator: Laurier Architectural
Glazing Contractor: State Window Corporation
Location: Montréal, QC

The Pinnacle of Sophistication

Situated in the heart of Montreal and surrounding the Bell Centre (home of the Montreal Canadiens), Quad Windsor is a $2-billion mixed used community that is a city within a city. The area provides residents with direct access to sports, culture, dining, and retail.

A series of three high-end, high-rise condominium complexes, Tour des Canadiens gives city dwellers the opportunity to make Quad Windsor their address.

When architects began designing phases two and three of Tour des Canadiens, they knew it would be critical to continue attracting discerning, high-end buyers seeking stunning views.

Those architects turned to the expertise and unmatched product array of AGC Glass North America to select glass solutions for both buildings.

AGC enabled those architects to deliver on a complex design vision while providing long-term performance and comfort for the residents who had yet to move in.

High-Rise, High-End Curb Appeal

To maximize aesthetic impact, architects created two visual “zones” for Tour des Canadiens Phases 2 and 3 (twin high rises): a “lighter” and a “darker” zone. The darker zones utilized AGC’s Energy Select 36, a low-e, soft-coated glass offering warm-weather energy efficiency, a beautiful appearance and high light transmittance.

The lighter zone covered the individual residences within the condominium complex and produced the more complex design equation when it came to glass. This was particularly the case since architects sought to capitalize on a recent trend toward more reflectivity in glass facades.

The solution: Energy Select R42 from AGC, a reflective, low-e glass and the perfect choice for high-rise residential and architectural facades. An outstanding solar blocker, Energy Select R42 also offers excellent light transmission and an aesthetically neutral reflectance.

With this selection came the primary design challenge AGC had to overcome with the massive project: How could the building achieve a uniform look in the lighter zone between the vision glass (where occupants would look out onto the city) and the spandrel (covering the floors of the building)?

“The architect’s request was to try and eliminate some of that banding on the building,” reflected Jeff de Waal, architectural manager for AGC Glass North America in Canada. “The design specified also was a monolithic spandrel on a project like this.”

The additional challenge of the monolithic construction of the spandrels required a back-painted solution that AGC was able to recommend.

Hard-Coated Glass Creates Harmony

Stopsol Supersilver Clear from AGC was pivotal to solving the challenge, integrating seamlessly with Energy Select R42 in the lighter zone. Ideal for exterior applications such as facades for office and residential buildings, Stopsol Supersilver features a pyrolytic coating, a hard coat that is applied at high temperatures during the float glass process.

“It’s a permanent coating that becomes part of the glass, and it’s very durable, which is excellent for this application. From the aesthetics standpoint, it adds a little bit of reflectivity to give us the harmony between vision and spandrel,” de Waal said. “Even though those are two different products [Energy Select R42 and Stopsol Supersilver], it really harmonizes exceptionally well.”

Uniformity Where it Matters

Beyond the cohesive look between vision and spandrel, Energy Select R42’s reflective capabilities give the building more uniformity in appearance.

“[Energy Select R42] gives you a little bit of masking on the building,” de Waal noted. “If everybody has different drapes in those areas, it’s not going to be displayed as much. It’s going to minimize the differences.”

As a low-e glass product, Energy Select R42 will also deliver the kind of comfort residents are seeking over the long term.

“It provides a balance,” de Waal said. “It gives thermal insulation as well as solar heat gain protection.”

Move-in Ready

Completed in 2019, Tour des Canadiens 2 has 590 units. Tour des Canadiens 3 was scheduled for completion in 2021 and has a total of 567 units.