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Exteriors, interiors, commercial applications, or residential, the AGC portfolio of high-quality glass products is second to none. Explore a universe of AGC glass today and let yourself be inspired by what’s possible with brilliant glass products – manufactured with pride and perfection by AGC.

Acid-Etched Glass

AGC’s unique industrial acid-etching process on large sheets is subject to rigorous quality controls, ensuring uniformity and continuity. Architects and designers appreciate the homogeneous grain and finish, the large choice of colors and special options available in the range. Acid-etched glass has an attractive smooth, silky surface and is an innovative decorative glass product that can be used to enhance all areas of your design.

With its high-quality acid-etched satin-finish, Matelux strikes the delicate balance between offering privacy while letting in light. Professionally processed like regular float glass in large sheets to ensure uniformity and continuity results in a homogeneous grain and finish, providing an attractive, silky smooth surface that is soft to the touch. The large choice of colors and options available in the Matelux range will add visual impact to both interior and exterior spaces.

Acid-etched float glass covered on one side with a high-quality back-paint that must be heat-treated, making Matelac T a true enameled glass. Matelac T is the highest quality back-painted glass range with a uniform satin-finish for a soft subtle look. It can be immediately cut and tempered by fabricators at their facilities, simplifying the production process resulting in faster response to market needs. Available in 11 long-trending colors, this glass is strong, safe, and highly-resistant to heat, thermal shock, and UV, so it’s suitable for use in interior and exterior applications.

Matelac is float glass covered on one side by high-quality paint and acid-etched on the other side. Available in 20 trendsetting colors, the satin look of Matelac combines seamlessly with its glossy alter ego, Lacobel, enabling designers to play with combinations shade-by-shade.