Stopsol® - Reflective glazing with solar control

Stopsol is the most famous coated glass in the world – a brand recognized for its stunning aesthetics due to its combination of brilliant coatings and extended range of colored glass. This range of solar control hard-coated glass (type A following EN 1096) delivers good light and energy performances, ensuring the privacy and comfort of people inside the building while reducing air-conditioning costs due to its low solar factor.

Moreover, Stopsol can be used in a number of different ways and provides the highest level of freedom in processing and design: as monolithic glass (tempered or not tempered), laminated glass, bent glass, or as double and triple glazing.


  • Guarantees a high-level of privacy thanks to its reflective coating.
  • Infinite shelf-life allows for long-term storage.
  • Limitless creativity for architects: one type of glass for all applications.
  • A far-reaching range of different and beautiful aesthetics thanks to a combination of three different reflective coatings with a large range of colored glass.


Ideal for exterior applications such as facades, spandrels, and windows for office and residential buildings. It can also be used for appliances like oven doors and interior applications like partitions.