Solarshield® Tinted - The AGC range of tinted float glass

AGC’s exclusive Solarshield product family offers high-quality tinted products for the commercial and residential markets, as well as the automotive sector.

These tinted glass solutions create an attractive exterior appearance while increasing air conditioning efficiency and comfort, reducing glare, and offering unobstructed views. Made using the float process, Solarshield tinted solutions offer perfectly flat, parallel surfaces and lend themselves to many processing options including single glazing, insulating glazing, tempering, and enameling.

Solarshield is available in an array of beautiful colors, including Pure Bronze, Pure Grey, Majestic Grey, Pure Green, Forest Green, Pure Blue, Sky Blue, and Midnight Blue.


  • Tinted to absorb energy from the visible light spectrum
  • Increases interior comfort and reduces visual glare
  • Low levels of light reflection
  • Available in a range of environmentally-friendly tinted colors
  • Can be tempered, laminated, heat-strengthened, and bent – same as Clear Float glass
  • Use monolithically or as part of an insulating unit


Ideal for use in entrances, storefronts, curtain walls, spandrels, atriums, skylights, and interior designs.

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