Matelux® - Acid-etched glass

With its high-quality acid-etched satin-finish, Matelux strikes the delicate balance between offering privacy while letting in light. Soft to the touch, this translucent glass comes in a large choice of colors and options making it a preferred material to add visual impact to both interior and exterior spaces.

Professionally processed in large sheets to ensure uniformity and continuity results in a homogeneous grain and finish. What’s more, it can be fabricated and installed like regular float glass, making an ideal solution for endless applications.


  • Smooth soft grain transmits diffused light for special esthetic effects
  • High level of light transmission (as high as 90% depending on the thickness and color of the glass), while providing certain degree of privacy
  • Rigorous quality control provides uniform appearance in a wide range of dimensions
  • UV resistance prevents discoloration and moisture resistance allows usage in humid areas
  • Resistant to fingerprints and stains making it easy to clean and maintain
  • Available in clear, low-iron, tinted, and reflective options
  • Matelux products are Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Silver Cradle to Cradle


Ideal for a multitude of applications, Matelux can be used on the interior and well as on the exterior including:

  • Interior: Doors, furniture, partitions, shower enclosures, table tops, lighting, and shelving.
  • Exterior: Insulating glass units for building envelope, entrance doors, skylights, balconies and spandrels

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