AGC Glass North America:
Where the sky’s the limit in glass.

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About AGC Glass North America

AGC Glass North America is one of the largest manufacturers of glass and glass-related products in North America, employing more than 4,300 in the United States, Canada and Mexico and offering the widest selection of flat glass for architectural, interior, residential, and industrial applications. AGC glass products are available through an extensive network of glass fabricators and window manufacturers throughout North America.

AGC Glass North America is part of the AGC Group, employing more than 50,000 worldwide in approximately 30 countries. As a global company, AGC has access to far more resources, allowing the company to continually develop new glass products and technologies for meeting the challenges of tomorrow.

AGC Leadership

AGC has built a reputation for being the most flexible and easiest with which to do business. Corporate leadership at AGC Glass North America is the most accessible in the industry, empowered, and ready to respond to your business needs or concerns, to help you succeed. You are welcome to contact us any time.