AGC Laminated Glass

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass serves many purposes in today’s architectural and residential construction. Discover the benefits of laminated glass for acoustical, safety, security, hurricane, blast, bullet, and decorative applications.

Sound Insulation

Laminated glass delivers better acoustical performance than the equivalent thickness of monolithic float glass. The interlayer between the plies of glass acts as a damper for reducing the amount of sound transmission. Proper control of an acoustical environment can greatly depend on the source of the noise. Whether your needs are for a television studio or a noisy industrial park, AGC can help you select the correct configuration for your application. 

Safety Glass

When safety is a concern, it is hard to beat AGC’s laminated products. Like tempered glass, laminated safety glass from AGC qualifies as a safety glazing material when a minimum of  0.030 in. PVB interlayer is used. However, unlike tempered glass, laminated glass does not fall out of the opening when broken. These characteristic make it a perfect choice for skylights, elevator enclosure, or any installation when fallout and human injury is a concern.

Burglar Resistant Glass

There is nothing better than AGC’s laminated glass products for security applications. If your application is to deter criminals from smash and grab, adding a minimum of 0.060 in. PVB interlayer to your laminated glass will comply with U.L. 972 (Burglary Resistant Glazing Material). Further enhance the glazing by adding one of AGC’s low-e coatings and your window will not only be safe, but efficient

Hurricane Impact Glazing

For homes and businesses at risk for hurricane damage, AGC provides the Defender™ family of laminated glass products that combine protection with beauty and energy efficiency.

In the wake of recent hurricane activity, both residential and commercial property owners share a desire for strong, wind-resistant doors and windows. In fact, many coastal areas now have building codes in place that require the use of hurricane-resistant glazings. AGC stands ready to meet this increasing demand, with custom-tailored laminated solutions that offer superior strength and personal protection during natural disasters — without compromising everyday glass performance or appearance. Defender laminated solutions from AGC are designed not only to resist impact from flying debris, but also to withstand the cyclical pressures that accompany a major storm. AGC can combine its primary, coated or heat-treated products to provide a beautiful outward appearance — as well as customized energy performance for different regions.

AGC’s Defender Hurricane Impact laminated products, when installed in an approved fenestration system in accordance to the provisions of the ASTM E-1886/1996 or TAS-201 and TAS-202 test standards, meet the requirements of the windborne debris provision of the Building Code. 

Blast and Bullet Resistant Glazing


In today’s unsettled world where political unrest and terroristic acts have increased, the use of laminated glass is the choice of design professionals for blast applications. Popular in applications by the GSA (General Services Administration) for making public government spaces safe, the D.O.D. (Department of Defense) also chooses laminated glass to protect our Men and Women of the military services. Recent applications have grown to include private sector projects such as infrastructure projects and protection for high level executives of major corporations.

Bullet Resistant

Bullet resistant glazing can commonly be found in banks and convenient stores. Made from multiple plies of glass and interlayer material, bullet resistant glazing retards the ability for a bullet to penetrate the opening. These glazings are available in a variety of ratings dependant on the threat level. Use AGC bullet resistant glazings to protect those that matter most to you

Style and Design

Featuring outstanding clarity, AGC decorative glass products can be found in office partitions and wall cladding, signage, kitchen back splashes and cabinetry, shower and bathtub enclosures, ornamental windows, handle rails and light fixtures to name a few